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  • General
    Proper tennis etiquette and clothing, including tennis shoes with non-marking soles, required. Pre-teen children are to be supervised either by a tennis instructor or by the adult responsible for them. Use of the social areas, locker rooms, showers and our WiFi without charge. MIT Informational Brochure is available for download.
  • Reservations
    Reservations may be made up to 7 days ahead of time, depending upon membership or court rate. Please review the reservation length in the Member and Non-Member Rates section above. Reservations are made on the hour or half hour, depending on court availability Singles reservations: 1 hour of court time Doubles reservations: 1.5 hours of court time Extended reservations, up to 2 hours for singles or doubles, may be accepted for traditionally under-used times. Play may go over allotted reservation time if court is not reserved for the next time slot. Please check with the staff.
  • Membership
    Memberships may be suspended for illness or injury, and canceled in case of relocation. New and renewing yearly Members receive cards for guests in their company for 2 sessions if paying in advance, 1 session otherwise. Members and other visitors to MIT accept the risk associated with tennis and related activity, including transportation to and from off-site tennis events related to MIT programs. Court fees are paid in advance, except Membership fees established on a monthly basis. A limited number of lockers are available for rent by Members at $50/year. Use of the social areas, locker rooms, showers and our WiFi without charge.
  • Discounts
    Local residents play free on the first visit. Minor children of Members play free with parents on an occasional "walk-on" basis - reservation up to 4 business hours in advance. Minor children in the general public may play with supervising adult(s) for $7, also on a "walk-on" basis. Adults owe the regular fee. First time yearly Members get the first month free.
  • USTA Events
    MIT is home to many USTA adult teams. Official matches are $12 per player Member or not, plus $22 per court if no team uses MIT as their home. Team practices are $25 per session per non-Member.

The ball is round, the game is long.
―Bjorn Borg

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